Junior Members

Membership in the California Junior Jersey Cattle Association is available to all juniors under 21 years-of-age. The organization gives young people opportunity to socialize with those who have a common interest in the Jersey cow and develop friendships that often last a lifetime.

Juniors can participate in programs that help them learn new skills and build self esteem and earn recognition for a job well done.

Membership in the state junior association opens the door for recognition not only on the state level, but on the national level as well.

The California Junior Jersey Cattle Association is an active group. Every February, an annual meeting is held in conjunction with the adult meeting. Juniors elect a slate of officers, attend to the organization's business and recognize achievements of their peers.

Throughout the year, juniors also compete for prizes in shows, dairy judging contests and quiz bowl competitions.

Two of the most competitive shows for California juniors are the California Spring Show, held in April in Merced, and the California State Fair, held in August in Sacramento. California juniors also participate in show rings across the country, including the Western National Jersey Show in September and The All American Jersey Show in November.

National Level Achievements

Over the years, California juniors have represented the Golden State well in national competitions.

This past year, Jack Swanson of Hilmar placed third in the 2020 Pot O'Gold Production Contest with his entry, JCJ Viceroy 36150. He purchased the heifer from James Ahlem, also of Hilmar, in the Pot O'Gold Sale in 2017.

Also placing in the production contest were McCalister Russell of Hilmar, Nathan Merriam of Hickman, Westin and Ryan Mattingly of Fresno and Camille Herrara of Hilmar.


Carly Olufs, fourth right, exhibited the Reserve Intermediate Champion of the 2018 All American Junior Jersey Show, Carly-O-Tequila Always {4}-ET.


Hannah Sanders, second right, exhibited the Overall Premier Performance Winner of the 2017 All American Junior Jersey Show, Fire-Lake Premier Meg. "Meg" also won the Sunbow Farms Trophy for highest yield deviation protein cow in the show.


Regina Pozzi, center, was crowned 2015 National Jersey Queen at the National Jersey Jug.


McCalister Russell, center, exhibited the Overall Winner of the Premier Performance Award at the 2015 All American Junior Jersey Show, KCC Applejack Hartley.


Kelli Carstensen, right, was named second alternate in the National Jersey Queen contest in 2011 and 2012.


California Juniors represented the state well in competition at the 2009 All American Junior Jersey Show. Steven Pozzi, left, showed the Junior Champion, Hillacres Be A Star, and Natalie Sanders exhibited the Reserve Junior Champion, Select Minister Elodie-ET. Western National Jersey Queen and California junior, Karessa Mann, fourth right, is also pictured. "Be a Star" was also named Supreme Champion Heifer of the North American International Livestock Exposition.


Lena Sweeney, center, was crowned as the 2010 National Jersey Queen.


Karessa Mann, left, was named second alternate in the National Jersey Queen contest in 2009.